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Guru to shoot $100.000 ‘Exodus’ video


Guru to shoot $100.000 ‘Exodus’ video

imagesSensational frontrunner for the azonto revolution with his hit song “Lapaz Toyota”, Guru is set to shoot the most expensive music video ever to be produced in the history of Ghanaian music industry with his newest track Exodus.

‘Exodus’, the current hit song by Guru talks about the essence of keeping up faith during hard times.

A source close to the camp of the multiple hit maker revealed to Reagan Mends of that the video could cost him a whopping $100.000.

According to the source though it is not fully certain, Guru and his team are planning to shoot the video in the Bahamas.

An attempt to reach Guru and his manager to ascertain the truth proved unproductive.

Guru, during this year’s Ramadan festivities, was engaged to perform at a private party by a millionaire in Dubai which he was paid a sum of $50.000.


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