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I Am No Copycat – Appietus


I Am No Copycat – Appietus

Appietus in the mix! That has been well-known recording engineer Appiah Dankwah, popularly known as Appietus' identity phrase on recordings as he stayed in the shadows and created award-winning beats for scores of contemporary Ghanaian stars such as Ofori Amponsah, Daddy Lumba, , 4×4 and Praye.

The man now wants to project himself as a singing on-screen personality as well and has recently featured in music videos by acts like 5Five( Mugebaya), NLS (I Like That), Ofori Amponsah ( Asala) and Asase Aban (Wope Saa ).

Sound engineer recording artistes like Nacy, Richie and Morris D'Voice have already been appearing in music videos and Appietus' recent on-screen activity has prompted some people to accuse him of copying his engineer colleagues. He, however, disagrees with those assertions.

“Would anybody say my colleague sound engeineers are also copying me because I started producing beats before them? Or would anybody say that Kwabena Kwabena started singing because Lumba was making it big?” Appietus asked in an interview with Showbiz.

A significant thing about Appietus' appearances in the various videos is that he hardly sings cogent, intelligible lines. He is often seen and heard rattling what seems like unintelligible stuff he had coined himself. Appietus says that reinforces the point that he is not copying anybody.

“My style is very different from theirs. They take paper and pen and write down lyrics but I sing anything that comes from my head without writing them down,” the award-winning sound engineer pointed out.

“I have been singing since childhood and I can't be hiding that talent forever. I feel this is the right time for Ghanaians to know what else I am capable of apart from producing beats. People very close to me have known for a long time that I sing as well.”

Appietus describes his style of singing as “Appietus ”, something understood by him. He says he doesn't expect people to understand the words he uses and only wants them to enjoy whatever he sings. According to him, “Appietus Language” started when working with 5Five on Mugebaya.

” I told 5Five to change the song's chorus because I didn't like it. They weren't getting what I had in mind right so I decided to record myself when they were away from the studio. They loved it when I later played it back to them.”

He told Showbiz some people love his new style but others also complain that they don't understand what he says in the songs.

“Music itself is something that speaks to your mind and soul so it doesn't matter much if you don't understand what is being expressed in the language. Ivorian hit song, Premiere Gaou is not understood by many Ghanaians but they love it,” said Appietus.

“Naturally, I know there are people who hate what I do but the Bible says woe betides anyone who is loved by everyone.”

Well, Appietus does not seem worried about those who may not like his unique “Appietus Language” and him veering into singing.

After all, he says the popular D'Banj from Nigeria has commended his effort and that means he can continue to make everyone have a feel of his voice.

Source: Kofi Duah/Graphic Showbiz
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