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“I don’t need a hit song”- chemphe


“I don’t need a hit song”- chemphe

imagesGhanaian songwriter Chemphe, born Henry Agyekum introduced his style of music some years ago which he named ‘Urban Life’; a fusion of soulful R&B vocals and grooves from Ghana some years ago and years on, he has been stuck to his style.

In an exclusive interview with Flex newspaper last Saturday about his musical career, Chemphe said he doesn’t worry too much when people think a song of his is not a hit. “Not every song becomes a hit. I can boast of ‘Number 1’, which equally had impact and even better because I had several nominations in the country.

There are songs that have made me popular around the world that doesn’t necessarily mean it made me popular in Ghana. It’s music, and it’s not just about portion of people, is your target audience,” he said.

He indicated that musically he is doing great because he is accepted all over the world and that he is not too eager to come out with a hit song that will be washed away within three months.

“I want to do a song that will last in people’s heart and what they can relate to, that’s why I did ‘why you dey treat am bad’ because in that song it talks about how women are being abused.

1You can’t determine a good song or a hit song according to what you hear on the radio because when you enter into the club or people’s cars, there are songs that are played which are not on the radio. Most people will love to listen to great music and most people think Ghanaian music is noisy but thank God, when my songs come out, they are being sold,” he added.

Chemphe also intimated that he is recognized internationally because he blends African languages and English. According to him, in the outside world they love messages and melodies but in the African system people love rhythms and say less in the music.

“So all the music we do are disposable music. They last for two or three months. In the outside world, they love melodies so after years they still have shows on songs they have sung five years ago.

I am the only Ghanaian on the world chart show; no Ghanaian has been on the world chart show. I am the world ambassador of the YMCA the biggest and largest community in the world,” he concluded.


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