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I have a crush on Yvonne Okoro


I have a crush on Yvonne Okoro

imagesReezon, a Ghanaian musician based in the United States of America, says he has a crush on actress Yvonne Okoro and has sworn to do everything within his means to get the beautiful actress and entrepreneur’s attention.

His public show of love for Yvonne comes at a time dust is yet to settle on reports that the actress and producer was planning an upcoming wedding ceremony with a Nigerian billionaire.

“I admire what she has done. I admire her business sense. You know she is not only an actress, she has other businesses too. I think she is a role model to a lot of upcoming actresses and actors. I really admire her body of work and her body. She has both places that a lot of men admire; the top and the bottom. One of the best features of her that I like are her lips. She got some really nice lips. I am coming for her; nothing is going to stop me,” Reezon said in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE on Sunday evening.

Reezon was short of saying he hopes to marry the actress but said “I will do whatever it takes to get her attention.”

The musician has two albums to his credit including a mixtape. The albums did well online, according to him, but not in Ghana’s mainstream music industry. Hence, he is now planning to come home to explore his potentials.

He has released two singles, ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Marry Me’, off his upcoming album and featured Ghanaian R&B star Chemphe. The songs also have videos.

He explained that “Marry Me” in particular was inspired by the beautiful ladies out there, with emphasis on Yvonne Okoro.

“I have a crush on her and some of my crushes came to mind while I was doing my song. I really admire Yvonne Okoro,” he added.

“‘Sweetie’ is one of those songs you can play anytime of the day during any season so I felt it was right to add a video to the song. I’m really eager to get feedback especially from my female fans. I did it because of them,” he also said.


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