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I have a ‘thing’ for women – Reggie Rockstone


I have a ‘thing’ for women – Reggie Rockstone

imagesReginald Osei aka Reggie Rockstone often posts pictures of himself with fans or people that patronise his Django bar on social media and majority of these pictures are those with him and women.

He disclosed in an interview with that, it is so because he has ‘a thing’ for women. According to him Ghanaian women are beautiful and he is not to be blamed if they like him and he likes them too.

“Ghana has been blessed with beautiful and wonderful women and I am married to one therefore, there is nothing wrong if I appreciate them moreover I run a business and I get to have some of the most beautiful ladies hanging out at my end,” he said.

“The truth is that, I get along with women a lot, I have been with women all my life. My father was a fashion designer who designed clothes for women so it is something I grew up with and I respect women for that matter,” he added.

According to the Grand papa, posting some of these pictures is also a way of advertising his club because he believes that men are attracted to places where women are and women are also attracted to places where men are.

In an answer to how his wife ,Dr. Zilla Limann feels about the fact that, there are several pictures of her husband and other women from his club circulating on social media he said, “I am married to the most wonderful woman on earth. My wife is not bothered at all; I mean she understands the business. She runs the club with me and she is always in the know of what goes on.”

“She also knows whom she is married to and likewise me. I am a very responsible and dedicated man and husband, my days of being a play boy ended long ago, I respect my wife, my children and trust me she is aware of all these,” he continued.

Giving a hint on what he and his other members of VVIP team are up to, he said; “we are working on a documentary movie of Reggie Rockstone and VVIP and a single with the reigning BET African Act winner Stonebwoy and it is going to be a banger.”

Reggie Rockstone is also gradually turning his club Django bar into a pub, a place where people can go to and relax after a hard day’s work.

Born in the U.K. on April 11th in the late 1960’s, Reginald Osei aka Reggie Rockstone attached himself to the Hip Hop movement in the early 80’s as a dancer. A natural performer and trained actor, he grabbed the mike with no problem when his calling came in 1991.


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