I wish KKD is guilty- Mimi Divalish

images 1Former Big Brother Africa housemate and Leave Me Alone hitmaker Mimi Divalish wants to be left alone to air her views concerning the ongoing KKD alleged “rape” saga.

The former musician in more than an hour rant made it known she was “going to speak my piece of mind on KKD’s alleged rape case and since he has a loud mouth” she “will be ready for him when [he] is back from cells”.

Here are unedited tweets from her @MimiDivalishGH handle

“I am going 2 speak my piece of mind on KKD’s alleged rape case n since he has a loud mouth,I will be ready for him when is back from cells.

And these are my opinions.No one should come here talking sh*t cos you will have it from me,trust me!Most of you are bunch of Hippocrates

Let me ask y’all one question,what could a 19yr old girl get from tarnishing KKDs image seriously?And what image tho?

The fact that u know KKD doesn’t mean he is right in whateva he says.Have you thought about the poor girl n what she might hav gone through?

And oooh Rape/defilement and bleaching which is worse?smh?

And please my fcking music career has got nothing to do with rape/defilements so get a freaking life.I am a biological chemist as well plus

And if he is guilty,may he rot in that cell for crap all these women are claiming he did to theM.I don’t care who KKD is if he is guilty

And when he was freely posting stuffs on Facebook dissing n claiming Yvonne nelson was bleaching wat did he think?Well I am doing the same

Whiles his peers are paying big cash to get the girls they want,he is cheaply raping teenagers because offcourse ‘3nona efo’ cheap man!

And yes I don’t care about all KKDs affiliates. They can all burn the Labadi beach if they want.That will be their damn business!

If he really did it,may he rot in JAIL!

And to all the other women claiming he raped them too and blaa blaa.Why now? “3s3moara” I really commend the 19yr old for speaking up

What hate,I don’t hate the f*cking piece of shit (well if he really did rape).why would I hate KKD?I don’t even know him to hate him.damn!

And please no one has time to pay a 19-year-old to do this so shut up already Hippocrates! if it was a poor man,will u even bother?

I don’t have a problem with KKD,I have a problem with the hypocrisy in the industry.Just cos its KKD doesn’t mean I should shusssh!

But who the FCK is KKD anyway?What has he done that Napoleon didn’t do?mtweeeeew!

Even people who got us Independence for him KKD to even have the chance to rape people “koraaa” we castigate them “na” KKD

Offcourse everything is alledged so give me a freaking break!I have a lawyer too!

And I am not pronouncing him guilty,I am wishing he is guilty.Thank you

Whatever! Talk to the palm bunch of ignorant hypocrites! Stupid boot lickers.

Whatever! Talk to the palm bunch of ignorant hypocrites! Stupid boot lickers.

Please before you come talking Aba my music career go http://www.mimidivalish.com and read my profile, damn it! Music is the least of what I do

And half of you here talking shit haven’t achieved quarter of what I have achieved so give me a fucking break”mtweeeeew

Music is 1percent of what I do for a living for your http://information.Google my surname gadamn it! Google Andani

If I tell you half the shit in town I own percentages in,you will bow idiots. Talking Aba Music? Smdh

Yes big cash….so what? I said it. Go and kill your mom if that is a problem.Empty fucken barrels

I don’t blame you all.Not at all,the system is not helping you.You can’t be bold as me,you can only pretend and you will die with it.

those of you calling me should fucken stop. I am not looking for stupid PR. It won’t bring food to my table.Interviews on stupid issues?

I wish I could reply every stupid one of u tweeting bullshit at me but I can’t even read it. Just be truthful 2 urself and stop the pretends.”



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