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Is The ‘Amanda’ dance Taking away the ‘Azonto’ Flavour?


Is The ‘Amanda’ dance Taking away the ‘Azonto’ Flavour?

I have been monitoring with keen interest the sudden switch from the popular “Azonto Craze” to a so called new dance “Amanda”. Many are those (including me) who at a point in time had a strong feeling that this dance ‘Azonto' had come to stay but it seems its magnanimous accolades are fast dwindling with time.

Try as much as I could to refuse that earlier contention, I constantly came across people (especially ladies) doing the new dance which is beginning to gain grounds. I tried to find out answers to four striking cueing devices,''What.Where.Who,When”.

I stunned by the answers I gathered.

The ‘Amanda' is a new dance which involves the twisting of the body in a rhythmic manner .It takes the form of an ‘African Salsa' ( lack of a better name).I was also told it has its origins from Zigi Sonni Bali's song ‘Amanda' and therefore was their Invention and that it was around during the Christmas season but was overshadowed by the Azonto dance. I then overly admitted that I might not have appreciated it because I was so much into Azonto.

I therefore followed up to watch the and I must make a clean breast, I was impressed with the dance pattern and with so much confidence I can say it will add up to the Azonto to put Ghana even further. I have already Nicknamed it ‘African Salsa'.

So next time you see someone doing Some kind of dance other than Azonto, please ask to know if it is ‘Amanda'. I'm about perfecting it and it goes like this….'Amanda'.'Amanda', ‘Amanda'.

By: Mawuli Pomary.

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