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It’s Not My Fault I am Sexy


It’s Not My Fault I am Sexy

409266297_42055Bubbly fashionista, Confidence Haugen has expressed her disappointment over the actions of some paparazi who delight in taking unflattering photographs of her and publishing them widely.

Some of the photos that are circulating in the media are photos taken of me while I was at work in my night club while others are the works of photographers who choose to take pictures of me from bad angles and make me look ridiculous”, she told Showbiz at her Aphrodisiac Nite Club last Monday.

“Every job has its dress code. I run a night club and I need to dress to suit what I do. I know what is appropriate so I dress differently when I’m working and also dress differently when attending events yet many photographers prefer my night club clothes which people say are provocative.”

“I would be glad and really appreciate it if the media and people would not talk about it” she said.

In an answer to why she loves to give people the opportunity to take a glance at her boobs, she said “ I have big boobs so no matter what I do I cannot hide them, it does not matter what I wear it will surely show that I have big boobs.

“I don’t think it is comfortable for the media to pick on women and comment on everything they do but I believe they do that because scandal sells and women are emotional so they will react and the media will always get more to talk about”, Confidence said. “It is not my fault that I am sexy”.

Touching on her experience at Live 91.9 FM where she presents a late night show, she said it was a good experience and a nice feeling to interact with people. “I love talking and I enjoy discussions so it’s been fun and worth it” she said.

Confidence Haugen who is also an owner of a clothing and accessories line was a housemate in the sixth season of the hugely popular television reality competition Big Brother Africa in 2011.

She speaks English and French and she says her greatest achievement is her son, because she feels she has someone to continue her legacy.

In her late thirties, Confidence does not look her age. She demonstrates a high sense and taste for contemporary fashion and struts red-carpet events dressed to kill.

Source: Delali Sika/Graphic Showbiz

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