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Kafui Dey reacts to viral video


Kafui Dey reacts to viral video


Kafui Dey

EIB Radio and Television personality, Kafui Dey, who was caught live on TV dozing off during the hectic period of the general elections in Ghana, has reacted to the video and stated that he was not embarrased by it.  This is what he had to say when he was asked about it;

“I am not embarrassed at all, my video is quite funny. I started getting calls and WhatsApp messages because of the video. I actually laughed over it too. My people at GH One also did a story on the video and showed it on TV. I shared it with my 145,000 Twitter followers and even showed it to my kids. I wasn’t dozing though; I was just trying to keep awake. I broadcasted for about 12hours on both radio and TV, so I think I was a bit tired,”

Below is the  video;

By: Samuel

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