Kalybos arrested in China

imagesGhanaian comedian, Richard Asante, more commonly known as Kalybos was arrested in China a few weeks ago, for flouting permit regulations in that country, it has been reported.

Kalybos and his team are in China shooting their first movie, Kalybos in China.

Ghbase.com reported that Kalybos who was arrested together with his manager and producer for the popular Boys Kasa skits, Kofi Asamoah, was taken to the police station where he was processed according to the laws of that jurisdiction.

Kofi Asamoah, who reportedly confirmed the arrest was quoted that the matter had been resolved.

“Our offence was that, we did not have an escort and per the regulations they have for visitors, we had not taken the necessary action. We had the permit to shoot alright, but there was a festival ongoing at this particular location and we wanted to shoot something with it, and that was when the police came in simply because we did not have a Chinese escort,” he was quoted as having said.

He further revealed: “You know we’ve shot our first ever movie and we shot some of the scenes in China, and it was during one of our shots at a particular location, that Kalybos and I got arrested.



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