Keche: We’re disappointed in Praye

Keche: We’re disappointed in Praye

imagesHiplife recording duo, Keche, have expressed their displeasure over the separation of music group Praye.

Keche said most of the music groups they idolized growing up have in one way or the other separated and it almost had an adverse effect on them.

“As young and upcoming musicians, we felt it was important to look up to the ones who were already doing it big like Praye and their sudden separation really killed our vim,” the duo made up of Andrew and Joshua said in an interview on Starr FM’s ‘Tigo Music Club Arena’ segment hosted by Bianca Buckman and Nii Ayi Tagoe.

“It got to a time hiplife groups were the ‘ish’ in Ghana; then sadly the split trend began, way back from VIP (now VVIP) to Sass Squad who also broke up and formed TH4 Kwages to Akyeame who eventually went solo to Wutah’s separation and the exciting trio Praye, made up of Choir Master, Big J Cartel and Kente also splitting really dented the image of groups in Ghana,” Andrew added.

Praye used to be one of the sought-after music groups in Ghana and on the African continent with classic hits like ‘Ma Shody’ &‘Angelina’. The group shot into fame when they won the maiden edition of Nescafe African Revelation contest in Ghana, and went on to win the West African grand finale.

According to Keche, among the various groups, their style was more like that of Praye hence they looked up to them until the trio announced their separation.

“Now you can see how music groups are doing on the current music scene, the influence and euphoria that used to back them are no more. Due to the controversies that followed the split ups, fans tend to lose trust in groups these days as their separation usually cause mixed feelings,” Keche added.

Keche went on to say music groups should be seen as a brand, emphasizing on the fact that Keche is a brand they have created for the fans.

“We are friends but we are more than brothers and have enjoyed our friendship for over a decade now. Even though sometimes we have our differences, we don’t let it affect the brand ‘Keche’ which has been in existence for five years now,” Joshua stated.

“We pay maximum respect to the brand because that’s what represents us. Praye was one of our favourite music groups in Ghana as we were coming into the game, we enjoyed their songs, performances and their unity but they couldn’t solve their differences or whatsoever trouble that arose among them.”


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