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Kelly Rowland wants to speak to estranged dad


Kelly Rowland wants to speak to estranged dad

Kelly Rowland has “desire” speak to her estranged father.

The former Destiny's Child star has not seen her dad Christopher since her parents split up over 20 years ago but she would like to be reunited him at some point in the future.

The 30-year-old singer, who was raised single-handedly her mother, Doris, from the age of seven – said: “I do have a desire to speak to him. But I have to be ready when I make that decision, I don't want to hurry myself. I've been without him for more than 20 years.”

While Kelly isn't in a serious relationship at the moment she is having fun playing the dating game, but she is keen to settle down and commit to a relationship at some point.

The pop star told Grazia magazine: “I'm dating and happy. I definitely want to get married and I definitely want babies.”

However, Kelly refuses to settle for just anyone and if a man is wrong for her, she has no hesitation in getting rid of him.

Kelly – who is one of the new judges on the UK version of ‘The X Factor' – said: “When I noticed myself starting to date a-hole guys, and unavailable guys, I changed that real quick.”

Source:Daily Fill

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