KSM “Banned” From All ‘Multimedia’ Platforms

KSM “Banned” From All ‘Multimedia’ Platforms

Few hours after he released his first mainstream music single “Secrets of GH Girls”, which features EL and CHASE, Satirist Kweku Sintim-Misa has learnt he’s been banned from appearing on any Multimedia Broadcasting Company’s platform, including Joy FM.

KSM got to the premises of JOY FM on Thursday December 20, for an interview on the Drive Time with Bola Ray, only to be told he’s been “banned” from all Multimedia stations.

“Wow, just got to JOY for an interview with Bola Ray to discover that KSM has been banned from all multimedia stations. No shakin (sic),” he tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

“The GM instructed that no one should give me airtime on Multimedia. No Shakin,” he adds. It is not clear what led to the last minute turn-around by the station but KSM believes it is as a result of a Thank God is Friday (TGIF) interview he granted Kwabena Bobie Ansah, a former employee of Asempa FM, a unit within the Multimedia group.

“My crime is that i gave Bobie Ansah a chance to explain why he was fired by Multimedia on TGIF”. KSM adds that: “I have no regret for interviewing Bobyie on TGIF. The GM of JOY FM cannot dictate who i interview. He can ban me from JOY”.

Bobie had just been axed from ASEMPA FM when KSM granted him the said interview, in a no-holds-barred fashion that saw the onetime host of “Eko si sen” pour his heart out, casting insinuations at management of the outfit and virtually sending them to the cleaners.

“Multimedia? No way, no way! I don’t like people who look down upon me. I don’t like people who look down on their fellow man. Even if they will give me heaven, not even my children’s children will work with Multimedia,” he said when asked by KSM whether he would consider going back to Multimedia.

“Kwesi Twum has not been fair to me. Kennedy Agyapong accused Matilda Asante openly that the NPP has given money to Matilda Asante, Special Assignment, what have they done about that? Alhaji Haruna Alidu accused two gentlemen at the Joy Newsroom that they came to their office requesting for a car so that they can work for the NDC openly, what they done about it?

“On several occasion, they’ve accused Kojo Oppong Nkrumah – I hope Matilda and Kojo will not take this as personal – of being biased, working against the NDC; what have they done about it? That is why I have been saying that I need an explanation [on] why I was sacked. If the intention is that Bobie is working for the NDC so we will sack him, then Kwesi Twum has not been fair because the same allegations that have been leveled against me have been leveled against others in the same corporate office. Nobody has come out to say that I Bobie Ansah walked up to him for money…

“If you have any evidence, you have any proof; you bring it on the table. I want Kwesi Twum and Ekyi Quarm if indeed they have conscience, they should come and tell the truth about what I did.”

“I am more than a bitter person. Look at my eye[s] and you would understand me. I am very bitter, you can’t tell me I should not be bitter. Asempa was just a small station, Ekosii Sen was just a small programme. I built that programme, that station with my energy – everything I had – only for one day the owner to come to me and tell me ‘we don’t need you anymore’…

“They’ve taken away my baby, they’ve taken away my child, they’ve taken away something I love…I don’t have any friend now, my friend is that programme and they have taken it away from me and that makes me a bitter person,” Bobie said on TGIF.

Source: Enewsgh.com

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