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Kwadwo Sheldon and other top celebrities join SMAG


Kwadwo Sheldon and other top celebrities join SMAG

It appears many men don’t want to pay money to their girlfriends or partners and were only waiting for formalization of an association to make it known.

The astronomical increase in the numbers of SMAG and other Stingy Men Associations across Africa leaves much to desire.

Many top Nigerian celebrities joined the association last week and made it more appealing to their compatriots in Ghana.

Today alone, two top Ghanaian celebrities have all joined the group and bagged top positions.

The first to join was Sarkodie who has been adjudged as the president of the group in Ghana.

A popular YouTube blogger, Kwadwo Sheldon has also joined the group this evening.  Details on his ID card show that he is the Head Porter of the union in Ghana.

See his ID card below:

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