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Kwaku Manu fires back at critics of Kumawood


Kwaku Manu fires back at critics of Kumawood

imagesKumasi based Actor Kwaku Manu has fired back at fellow actors and people who criticize and discriminate against actors in Akan speaking movies known as “Kumawood”.

He said critics call them ‘illiterates’ because they believe they (local movie actors) cannot express themselves properly in English language which is not based on fact.

According to him, he was not born to speak English therefore he does not harbor any dream of acting in any English movies.

The Award winning Actor disclosed on Hitz FM’s entertainment show, “HITZ GALLERY” that, he does not hate anyone in the Ghanaian Movie industry; rather he has a lot of friends in the industry who act in English movies.

He could not fathom why some of his colleagues in the English movie arena will criticize the Kumawood actors because of the language difference.

He added that they are not above criticism and are ready to accept any helpful suggestions from fellow actors and the general public as a whole. What they cannot take he said is the insults and name calling such as “villagers”.

Kwaku Manu who is noted for his sense of humor said though he is working hard for Ghana and money, he will not accept any role in an English language movie.

“Should any movie producer request for me to cast in any (English speaking) role, I won’t accept the offer because I believe whatever my fellow actors who speak English do I can do same and even better in Twi” he said.

“The Ghanaian movie industry is made up of one people so if some personalities in the industry think they are better because they speak English and we are nobody then so be it.

“You are always a Ghanaian so why should I disturb myself in speaking English in my movie if I cannot speak it… it’s only in Ghana that when one can’t speak English it becomes a crime” he added.

In his view, a lot of actors and actresses on the Ghanaian screens cannot even write the English grammar they speak in the movies.

“A lot of the actors and actresses who are seen on TV cannot write English properly; they are only guided by the script given. They recite it like a poem just to convince the audience but they are nobody” he declared.

He however indicated that, a lot of the Kumawood actors can speak English very well but Ghanaians love the kind of movies they act so they will continue giving Ghanaians what they like.


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