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Leave my private life alone – Stella Damasus

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Leave my private life alone – Stella Damasus

Actress Stella Damasus has warned the general public and the media to leave her private life alone and rather focus on her work.

The star actress and singer who has been in the media over her marital issues told in an interview that whether she is divorced or married and whoever she may be married to should not be the concern of the general public.

“…but my relationship with the public is the work that I do. It’s not what happens in my bedroom. I’m not like the others and that’s the truth. I prefer it that way.”

She cautioned, “People should learn to leave my private life alone. They should focus on my work. Anything that has to do with my life outside of my work that makes me a celebrity, I don’t discuss it. I no dey talk anyhow.”

Asked whether it is true that she was single, she was quick to also ask, “Let me ask you a question. Did they put any picture of my wedding in the paper or did anybody tell anybody that they attended my wedding?”

For a star like her who has starred in several movies including Never say goodbye, Submission and Dangerous Desire, she doesn’t seem too far away from rumours, and it didn’t come to her as a surprise when she was asked if she was married to one Emeka Nzeribe.

“I didn’t say that either,” she said, adding that, “When people write something and they are so definite about it, one tends to wonder is it not the same way they have been hearing other gists that they’ve been hearing this one too? But they heard that ‘oh marriage scattered’ meaning that there was a marriage. So my question is, were they able to prove that there was a marriage in the first place. I’m not denying that there was a marriage.”

She however admitted that she was married to Emeka Nzeribe, “Of course I was married. But what’s their proof that I was married in the first place if not for hearsay. Is it not the same hearsay that would still tell you ‘oh her marriage has broken up.’

“Who was there when they saw divorce paper or separation paper? Nobody was there. I can boldly tell you that nobody asked me if I was married when I got married. They just heard and printed and that was it. Yes I was married to Emeka Nzeribe. So the marriage part happened.” She concluded.

Stella disclosed that her children who are 11 and 8 years are so creative that they give her ideas and she does spend most of her time with them. “They don’t stress me and they are very understanding,” she said.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/

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