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Letter To Promzy – “I Pray That Nothing Happens To Reggie Rockstone”


Letter To Promzy – “I Pray That Nothing Happens To Reggie Rockstone”

imagesDear Promzy,
I’ve known you by virtue of your music for more than half of my life, I admired VIP so much, more so, I made you my personal favorite; the difference in your look and your gangster persona, meant you didn’t blend in and this was good for both you and your group.

A few years ago, I met Bulldog and became a publicist, my admiration for Bulldog made me observe how he handled affairs of the group, how he kept y’all on top of any list and how you had become mature under his watch. As an ardent supporter of your music, I would watch your interviews and observe your personalities and individual brands, I singled you out and began copying your branding for some clients. Besides my interest in your personality, I had great interest in the release of your 7/11 album. I couldn’t wait to hear Zeal sing the chorus to life, prodigal uplift the beat and your venomous rap lines seal the fact that VIP was the best three things to happen to Africa.

When I saw the Terry G x VIP video, I instantly knew something was wrong, then a photo shoot exempting you came out. I quickly called bulldog to confirm your exit, in dismay, Bull confirmed. I was hurt and pained, but I knew that the courage to exit your group of over a decade proved that you were ready to succeed solo.

As a publicist I knew it’d be hard to sell a solo “Promzy Afrika” to VIP fans, but I knew a few stunts would get you the attention you deserve. I was pleased when I saw a story that read, “Promzy to become a pastor”, that was a laudable stunt, I expected a follow up; I knew people wanted to see pictures and hear stories of “Pastor Promzy”.

On the other hand I knew that VIP would struggle without you; it was like the trinity without a third member or the parliament without a speaker. When I saw Reggie Rockstone’s tweet asking to join VIP, I thought it was a stunt to get the group some attention until I spoke to uncle Reggie and he confirmed. I knew he was the only one that would complete the trinity. The release of “selfie” proved this.

Meanwhile, there was still no follow up to your stunt. This didn’t deter your Facebook page from growing, this proved that the people were eager to see what you were up to. Fast forward to last week, I began to sense your hunger to rejoin the group, I couldn’t factor how that would work out, so I resorted to believing that this too was a stunt; a good one. Then you messed it up.

Promzy, your recent gun pictures have the capability to brew trouble for you. You and I know that Reggie Rockstone didn’t kick you out of your group, you and I equally know that Reggie Supported VIP with his heart, soul and worth. If you wanna pull a stunt, you do it right, you don’t set up yourself to lose fans and gain legal problems. Have you read comments on your Facebook? Of course, you have some that read, “Murder them, you’re my real nigga. #PromzyAfrika4Lyf”, but these type of people would not be there when the arms of law choose to come get you.

I pray for you, I also pray that nothing happens to Reggie Rockstone within this period. I wish this ends well for you.

You better have a “Damage control plan”, ‘cos if shit hits the fan, there ain’t no fans in jail.

Your hopeful
Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh.

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Monica O

Monica Maakor Otumfuor an Alumni of Ghana Institute of Journalism is a Writer and English tutor by profession. A voice over artist and an articulate spokesperson. She loves to volunteer and is passionate about mentoring others.

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