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Lydia Forson celebrates 31st birthday


Lydia Forson celebrates 31st birthday

imagesGhanaian actress Lydia Forson turns 31 Saturday and choose to celebrate her big day at the Joy @ The Mall event at the West Hills Mall.

The beaming actress was looking her usual hot as she joined hundreds of families and patrons who trooped to the mall also celebrating its first anniversary.

With her mother tacked by her side, Lydia told Joy FM’s Kofi Laing in a brief chat that she is taking the day a step at a time with her mum.

“I’ve just decided this year to just let it happen like ‘whatever happens’. I just wanted to give my mum all day.”

Interestingly, the award-winning actress came with her own birthday cake.

Her own perfect explanation for that, she explained, is that nobody bought her a cake last year. She says her well-wishers assumed that she will be bombarded with countless number of cakes so anybody bought her one.

“A couple of years ago, I just got so many cakes so every year everybody thinks I get a lot of cakes. They are like ‘oh no I’m not going to buy her a cake’,” she said.

“So last year I didn’t get a cake so this year I told my mum that ‘look nobody is going to get me a cake’,” because people will assume that she will get a lot of cakes, the bubbly actress added.

On day two of the Joy @ The Mall, patrons are participating in a series of competitions like the Treasure Hunt, Ring toss, Karaoke, Mob and formation dance.

Hosts, Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye and Nathaniel Attoh are handling the first block of Saturday’s impressive line-up of shows.

They are interacting with patrons who are busily giving shout outs to their family and friends.

For video game lovers, Mamavi is giving out free vouchers for them to try their hands on some of the games at the Madagastar E-Sports Arena.

Later on Saturday, there will also be a special Request show and the Joy @ The Mall Jam with his ‘Blackness’ DJ Black.


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