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Lydia Forson Named Face Of Paba

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Lydia Forson Named Face Of Paba

Star actress Lydia Forson has chalked another success in her six-year acting career as she has been named the new face of Paba Cosmetics, by a Ghana-based Canadian company.

This is the actress's second success in less than two months after landing a juicy deal in Nollywood this year and earlier reports of her being named among top ten Authentic Beautiful Women late last year.

Paba Cosmetics is a Canadian make-up company that has been in Ghana's beauty industry since 2000. At the latter part of 2010, the company re-launched to offer customers the best of services. Currently, it is described as one of Ghana's leading make-up specialists.

The company deals in makeup, offers free make-up consultation to clientele, sells make-up products both wholesale and retail basis and also offers make-up services for everyone.

Lydia Forson is the first Ghanaian celebrity to land an endorsement deal the company. She would henceforth be in Paba Cosmetics commercials. On Monday, the actress was spotted by News-One at the premises of Paba Cosmetics located at Labone, adjacent the Church- Cheese restaurant in Accra, where she started shooting her first commercial for the company.

CEO of Papa Cosmetics, Felicia Sarpong, told News-One in short conversation that her outfit decided to use Lydia Forson for its brand because her image represented their brand. “Lydia because she represents a true black woman like a diva, who is real and that is what Paba is about.

Paba is not about too much chemicals. I see her as basically a celebrity who detests too much chemicals.She is very real and that is why we chose her. I can say that again and again and say it properly. Lydia because Paba focuses on natural.

We focus on a pure black woman and that is we see Lydia. We see her as a diva, a real black woman, a natural black woman for that matter.So we thought she represents our products better or maybe she has the same sort of goals that the products have as well. That is why we chose her.”

She said the relationship between her outfit and Lydia was anticipated to be a long as long as Lydia wished, adding that her company was proud to be associated with the 2009 Africa Academy best actress co-winner.

Source: News one
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