Lydia Forson Speaks About Her Natural Hair

imagesI want to take a moment to salute all my natural hair sistas .

Especially those who’ve embarked on this journey because of me.

Truth is I only became natural after realizing I didn’t have the energy to constantly try to force my hair to look like something it would never be like.

I tried the weaves and perms but in my heart I always knew that wasn’t the real me.
Although I have nothing against those who choose to perm or wear weaves( I wear weaves sometimes), it should be a choice not a requirement.
I find being natural the most liberating thing I’ve ever done.
I mean who doesn’t want the freedom to run water through their hair in the shower when they feel like it.
Or to go swimming and actually get in the pool
Or to..
This one is my favourite ; walk in the rain and not worry.

See people often ask why Natural hair sistas make so much noise or feel the need to identify themselves everywhere they go. But we wouldn’t need to use the word ‪#‎natural‬ or ‪#‎teamnatural‬ if the world for so long wasn’t against us letting our hair out.
For years hair like ours was “unkempt” and was never considered an appropriate look. Even till now some women aren’t allowed to wear their Afro at work. Something you were born with?
So now the world is taking notice we’re making sure we’re heard!
Yes the transition isn’t easy, especially when you’re not sure of what to do to when you finally cut the perm off or remove the weave. But that’s also the great part; creating your own style, your own identity,and your own hair routine.

There’s nothing that says sexy more than a woman who can chop of all her hair and make you take notice, now that is sexy!
To my natural hair sistas I say Ayekooo,
FYI isn’t it weird how you see another natural hair sista and immediately form a bond, it’s almost like a cult of some sort, and the conversation always begins with ” what do you use for your hair” lol
Tag a sista today and let’s make it our day!

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