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Meet new singer, Diamond


Meet new singer, Diamond

Ghana salutes the newest diva among all divas called who is out with her newest single called ‘Taste Apple' featuring Stay J of Shasiwowo fame. Born as Diamond Appiah, the diva is a player of the industry from way back working with names like Castro, Mzbel, Bullet of Ruff n Smooth fame, among others but she only unveils her potentials to the world now because she feels the time is right.

Talking to Diamond in her sleek white wheels about her choice of name, the diva revealed that: ‘Diamonds are like pearls, very valuable hence I am like the pearl in the music industry, I am going to shine so bright I will be the diamond stone in the industry'.

She later stressed that, the music industry has divas but she is the Diva of all divas very soon Ghanaians will come to understand her with that theme ‘Even though I am beefing anybody in the industry for now, I am ready for any upsets because you may never know who will be coming', Diamonds noted while smiling'. The lady with both touches of Gaga and Nicki, prefers to be tag along side Lady Gaga of USA because she has a style like her but claims she is not copying her (Gaga). She (Diamond) explained it as; ‘I had that style before Lady Gaga but she (Gaga) came out first, hence people might say I am rather looking up to her, which is fine by me' as in life we need role models'. Digging about her newest single ‘touch my apple', Diamond explained the title as not addressing anything different but showing how powerful women are in the world.

‘Look at the apple that got Adam into trouble and measure it with how powerful women can be so if I am say ‘taste my apple' then I mean exactly that' but nothing else, Diamond lamented. Her final words to fans was; ‘the lady who has the meaning of a diva has come to stay with so much goodies to offer, Ghanaians should get ready for mind lowing performances as the song features the shashiwowo man, Stay J and by Ephraim music means the product is good and I have more where I am coming from'.

Ghana salutes the newest diva in town, Diamond with her touch of class in her up pitch songs.

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