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Music Has Been Part Of Me’


Music Has Been Part Of Me’

Nigerian music star Abiala Oladipo Bolarinwa, also known as Jah Baba, who is the country on a working visit, on Monday disclosed that his visit to Ghana to study the trend of Ghanaian music and also promote his maiden album which is making waves in Nigeria and Benin.

Abiala Oladipo has carved a niche for himself in both music scenes in Nigeria and Benin, and has performed on a number of music platforms.

In an BEATWAVES during his visit to DAILY GUIDE offices in Accra, the Nigerian born afro jazz music star stressed that though his music was not popular in Ghana, he would seize the opportunity to promote it, as well as make it more accessible to Ghanaian music lovers.

The afro jazz music icon, who has been doing music for over 35 years, said that he was grateful to Ghanaians for the hospitality, adding that he saw Ghanaians as positive-minded people who did not discriminate and their attitude towards foreigners was extraordinary.

He noted that by the time he left Ghana for Benin, where he has his recording studio, Ghanaians would have embraced his music.

‘I love music and for over three decades, music has been part of me. Music is all about what the public or music lovers want and this has motivated me to come out with my maiden album,' he stressed.

He disclosed that he came from a family which is made up of talented musicians and song writers.

‘I chose music as a profession because I felt I have to educate the people on issues affecting them through music. I have a passion for music and it is my duty to use music to bring people together as one family. My passion for afro jazz music is very strong. A lot of people have been re-energized through afro jazz music. I am happy that I am out with my first album'.

The musician, who is due to perform at a concert in Benin on April 28 this year, said he loved Ghanaians because they always promoted their culture to the outside world through music.

According to him, music was a spiritual thing which could be used to bring peace among people, adding that music inspired and united people.

He told BEATWAVES that his maiden album, ‘Rise', which has 14 danceable songs sung in English, Yoruba and Ewe, was carefully packaged for both the local and international music market to promote African culture.

Jah Baba, who owns one of the biggest recording studios in Benin, stated that all the lyrics on the album, arrangements, instrumentation and sound quality had made the album second to none.

What is touching about the songs on the album is the sound quality, which could be attributed to the state-of-the-art equipment used in recordings.

The afro jazz music who was not happy about the trend of African music declared that ‘we need to encourage our musicians to perform with live band because African music is based on the guitar band and not computerized beats'.

By George Clifford Owusu

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