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MUSIGA Pleads With The Media Not To Publish Photos


MUSIGA Pleads With The Media Not To Publish Photos

The Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has taken notice of media reports concerning a Ghanaian female whose dressing mistakenly led to some private parts of her body been captured by a photo journalist during a recent Performance.

Our investigations have revealed that whereas there is some proof to the story, this was due to an unfortunate costume mishap. Musiga is highly concerned that this issue has gone too far with the media taking great interest in it. The newspaper which broke the story has indicated to publish the said photograph of the musician in an uncensored manner on its front pages on January 6th 2012.

In as much as MUSIGA respects the freedoms of the media and appreciate its contribution to the growth of the music industry, the Union would want to intervene in this instance and call for a cease fire on this issue.

“Inappropriate dressing” among some Ghanaian Musicians has become a major source of concern not only to the general Ghanaian populace but to members of the Union and steps are being taken by the new administration to educate its members on paying heed to cultural sensitivities in their public appearance and pronouncements.

The new MUSIGA under the leadership of President Obour would be rolling out programs through workshops and seminars to educate its members on several issues including artiste appearance and dressing.

Publishing the private parts of any Ghanaian woman would to a large extent not only be an embarrassment to the artiste in question but to womanhood in general. It can also traumatize and destroy the career of an up and coming Ghanaian superstar and we believe that, it is not the motive of the media to destroy our stars but has been a major partner in building up stars on the contrary.

We live in a part of the world where women empowerment is still an issue and fewer women have the courage to venture into certain careers, including music.

MUSIGA, in the interest of protecting its members and female members most especially, is of the opinion that the media would be doing more harm than good to society if it goes ahead to publish the said photographs of the female musician in question.

Once again, MUSIGA expresses gratitude to the media for its support over the years and we look forward to a more fruitful relationship in 2012 and beyond.

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