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Nicholas Omane Acheampong blasts gospel musicians


Nicholas Omane Acheampong blasts gospel musicians

imagesNicholas Omane Acheampong was on The Late Nite Celebrity Show on eTV talking music, life under the spotlight and more.

The Zaphanat Paneah singer talking about the current crop of gospel artists and creativity told Giovanni;

“Most of our Gospel musicians are doing great, but the majority of them are being lazy. I don’t want to sound controversial, but I don’t consider most of them as musicians simply because they haven’t got what it takes to be musicians.

“You need to acquire certain things before you qualify as a musician. They call themselves musicians but sing the songs their grandparents were singing in the past as their current albums. Some of them do songs that they wrote themselves and some also sample already existing songs and give it a new life.

“If you keep singing the songs that everyone already knows, I want to know who owns the song. At a point, it gets confusing because these famous hymns they sing can be sung by another artist.”


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