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Promzy, Chichi, Princy, & Favour (Message from unbiased Mind from Nigeria)


Promzy, Chichi, Princy, & Favour (Message from unbiased Mind from Nigeria)

This show is the best reality show I have ever seen. Kudos to Bomaye for being able to control the maidens, he is a gentle man. I also appreciate Multitv; assess media production and other sponsors for making this show possible because I have learnt a lot from Bomaye. The concept of this show is essentially different form Big-Brother-Africa; because unlike Big-Brother-Africa, it is based on element of love, affection and romance. If Bomaye is really sincere about choosing a life partner from the maidens, then I feel that Promzy is the best for him. He should disregard the outcome of public votes, opinions or comments and should only regard public votes and comments as mere entertainment. Only Bomaye knows what is good for him, only him knows what he wants in a woman; not even his mother or any pastor or the public should influence his decision, because it is absolutely a personal issue. Only Bomaye understands what he feels inside his heart for each maidens; therefore he should pray and follow his heart desire. If Promzy had captured your heart; if Promzy is your original choice, please don’t change.

However, from my observation, as things stands now, I feel Bomaye is about to make a big mistake, because it appears he is about to choose someone else rather than Promzy as the love of his life (as the winner). If the law and principle of love relationship and affection is anything to go by, then I feel Promzy is the best for Bomaye irrespective of public votes, opinion, views or comments. If he choosed someone else, the relationship is most likely to dwindle and consequently fail and such will not lead to marriage and it means a waste of time, efforts, money and other valuable resources (if he really had marriage in mind). The obvious fact is, there is no concrete affection/chemistry/connection/intimacy between the king and any of the maidens except Promzy. Or the affection between Bomaye and other Maidens is very weak except Promzy. Every other factor may be present, but if the attraction and affection between opposite sex is weak then the relationship shall fail ultimately along the line. There is something I do not understand, it is either Bomaye is displaying international diplomacy with Chichi, or he is sincerely trying to create affection/intimacy between Chichi and himself (the affection which is not naturally present between them). But such intimacy will be artificial/ superficial and may not stand the test of time.

As for Promzy and Bomaye, the affection between them is considerably high, natural and spontaneous. I feel he should build on it and nurture it rather than killing it by neglecting it. The intimacy/affection between Promzy and Bomaye is natural and such is an essential factor on which a successful relationship can be built. It is very important to realize that Promzy is not lazy; it only seems that she is lazy, but in essence she is not lazy. Taking holistic view of this event, I am strongly convinced that Promzy is still the best for Bomaye. But one major weak point in Promzy is her sleeping habit; she sleeps too much, she wakes up late in the morning, perhaps it is because she always goes to bed very late ( I guess she is nocturnal in Bomaye’s mansion) . I believe such is not her normal life style, because life in Bomaye’s house is different from life outside.

Unfortunately, Promzy is inevitably on nomination for eviction this week. I am very sure that if Bomaye considers and regards the votes from the public, then am afraid Promzy will be evicted unavoidably on Sunday. This is because majority of the public viewers do not like Promzy’s personality (sanguine) just because she is beautiful, bold, confident, sexy and uninhibited. I, therefore beg/plead that Bomaye should save Promzy’s head from tomorrow’s (Sunday 12/08/2012) eviction if he needs her. Besides, if public votes are to be regarded as the ultimate, then I am very sure that Chichi will always win because she has a large Nigerian votes; 98% of Nigerians are solidly behind her (because in population, Nigeria is larger than Ghana). Therefore Bomaye’s decision should not be based on votes if he needs Promzy.

Bomaye should remember that it was only Promzy who single-handedly fought for Bomaye’s love when Lian (ex-girl friend) visited the house, she confronted her by dialogue, and she made her realized that she is not welcome. This action is a revelation of the degree of Promzy’s love for the king.

I also feel that Bomaye is confused; he fears that he might choose a maiden who would rather chose money over him on the D-day. He feels the maidens just want money and fame. He feels that the maidens might not really love him, he feels they have boy friends and he feels that the chosen maidens might reject him and just get the money and go back to her boy friend. Hence, he is being meticulous and fastidious; because he does not want to be disappointed or disgraced on the D-day or thereafter. I would say that such feelings from Bomaye are normal because no man likes to fail. But I have a question for Bomaye, if he does not want to be rejected for money on the final day (or there after) when he will declare the winner, what has he done to win the would be winner’s heart? This is very important, because it is one thing to declare a maiden as a winner; it is another thing to win her heart. The fact these maiden are running after Bomaye does not mean that he has won there heart, after the show he still needs to convince the chosen maiden of his unwavering love. Because women need emotional security as well.

From my observation, I would say that most of the maidens have already left there boy friends before coming to Bomaye’s house. They are not likely to be in a relationship and still be kissing Bomaye romantically on national TV. Therefore, Bomaye should relax, he is completely in charge. I am strongly convinced that Promzy loves Bomaye just like other maidens. Promzy cannot reject Bomaye on the D-day if chosen as the winner.

Honestly, these maidens (Princy, Chichi, Favour and Promzy) truly love Bomaye, but what is of equal importance is: what does Bomaye feels for each maiden? Which maiden has the greatest intimacy/connection/chemistry with Bomaye? Which maiden does Bomaye finds irresistible? Which maiden has the highest romantic impact on Bomaye’s heart? Whose heart, beats with the same frequency with Bomaye’s heart? I think Bomaye should personally answer these questions sincerely when making his final choice.

From my perspective, all other maidens will be good friends for Bomaye but not as lovers. Only Promzy will be an excellent lover (wife) and friend for Bomaye because their hearts beat on the some frequency.

Therefore, Bomaye, it is up to you not to evict Promzy if you need her because she is about to be evicted by public’s vote (she is likely to have the lowest votes). Would you allow the lady you need to go away not because you don’t love her but because she is voted out? Promzy is about to be drowned. Please save Promzy, only you (Bomaye) can save her now.

Anything is possible, everything is possible, Bomaye is full of surprise; I will not be surprised if Bomaye did not choose any of the maidens as a winner.

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