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Pubic hair stuck in tooth “Musician sue priest”


Pubic hair stuck in tooth “Musician sue priest”

Koffi Dyouriayi an aspiring musician from a village called Biankouma in Ivory Coast has sued a fetish priest after experiencing an unusual tingling in his month. The man consulted the fetish priest who also hailed from the same village for assistance in getting the oracles to strengthen his loins. Since he has been married for two years without a child.

The fetish priest, popular know as Fiti Bolubolu, after consulting the oracles directed Koffi to go down on his wife three times in a week before intercourse.

The court presided over by Pascal Souleymane read the legal act, article 105 where it prohibits oral intercourse alluded by third party(s), in this case Mr Bolubolu. The plaintiff’s concern was solely to do with the after effect of following the direction given to him. When his condition started getting worse he consulted the doctor who run a thorough check in the affected area.

The doctor’s report presented to the court;

“the plaintiff’s sensational experience is caused by a trapped pubic hair, which will require a surgical operation to plug it out. Trapped pubic hair is a normal occurrence however the X-tray scan on this very one is showing hair being trapped in a knot formed beneath the gum of the upper canine tooth. If proper care is not taken this may effect a nerve and could have a possible impact on his speech.”

Mr Dyouriayi insisted his current circumstance is as a result of the direction give by Fiti, else he would have adopted a different strategy. He said “a prior warning would have prompted me to approach the subject with care”.

The court charged Fiti to a $20,000 fine and to always provide a disclaimer to his clients.’s spokes person Danielle Yamosu in BianKouma contacted mr bolubolu about the court proceedings; he a said “I can not the challenge the court of law, so there is now a big sign board displaying my disclaimer before entering my property”  


By Danielle Yamosu

Disclaimer: This story is a satire. Although public figures are mentioned by name, the corresponding story details are invented. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental.
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