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Radio Presenter Stripped Naked


Radio Presenter Stripped Naked

The credibility of Maame Ekua, a talk show hostess of Asempa FM, Accra based radio station is being questioned following a shocking allegation a young lady that the respected radio presenter impressed upon her to concoct a that Rev. Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwa-Yiadom, founder a leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre had raped her.

The concocted story, according to the lady was to tarnish the good name of the Man of God, bring him to public ridicule, hatred and ultimately destroy his church, which is believed to be the biggest in the Ashanti Region. “When Maame Ekua called , she promised to me raise to cure my cancer on condition that I help her to destroy Opambour's church. She said that I should inform the Nima Police that Opambour had raped me so that he would be arrested for the media to pick up the story Subsequently, her producer led me to the Police station to lodge a complaint against the Man of God”. Alice Boakye the lady at the centre of the alleged rape scandal made these shocking revelations when she ‘clashed' with Maame Ekua on Metro last weekend.

The alleged rape in a car charge which has hanged on the neck of the popular Man of God has over the months witnessed several twists and turns, with Alice now mentioning the names of hitherto faceless persons who allegedly plotted to disgrace and blackmail Opambour.
Alice claims that she had never had any sexual encounter let alone being raped by the pastor, alleging that she lied against him for monetary gains and when her story gained media attention, Maame Ekua got interested and begged her to insist she had been raped by Opambour. “Maame Ekua said she has a personal hatred for Opambour and that she would ensure his church gets destroyed so I should do everything to help her. She therefore encouraged me to insist that Opambour had indeed raped me in his car so that the law would deal with him”.

According to Alice, the presenter also promised to get a lawyer to face Opambour as well as money to enable her seek cure for her cancer which she contracted as a result of a curse pronounced on her by the pastor following the rape allegation. “Based on that agreement, I went on her program and said all those things but she did not even give me transportation home not to talk about the promise cash for the treatment. She just used me to lie about Opambour and abandoned me to my fate.”

According to Alice, though Maame Akua promised not to show her face on TV, she reneged on that promise and showed her programme on Multi TV, a subsidiary of Maame Akua's radio station. Alice related that she decided to plead for forgiveness from the pastor because her conscience was killing her and wanted to free her mind as well as regain her health. She subsequently got some respected elders to plead with Opambour on her behalf.

On her part Maame Ekua who was on the TV program with Alice vehemently denied the allegation saying at no point did she instigate Alice to lie on Opambour and that she just offered her a platform on radio to tell her story.

She noted that she had no hatred for Opambour since she did not even know him personally. “Where was I when Alice accused the pastor a long time ago? I had not met her by then so how could I have influenced her rape story”. Maame Ekua also denied using Alice for her program without paying her, saying as a talk show hostess, she only sought to assist a woman who claimed to have been abused by the pastor.

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