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Samini hit on Shatta Wale exaggerated – Bull Dog


Samini hit on Shatta Wale exaggerated – Bull Dog

imagesBull Dog, manager of Dancehall sensation Shatta Wale, says media reports on the alleged Samini-ordered attack on his artiste in Canada were exaggerated.

He denied reports that fans of Samini launched an attack on Shatta Wale.

Last week, reports filtered through the Ghanaian media that some guys apparently sent by arch-rival and fellow Dancehall artist Samini, had entered the hotel room of the ‘Like My Thing’ singer to attack him, a situation which resulted in an altercation. But Bull Dog told NEWS-ONE on Monday that the reports were concocted.

“What happened was Shatta Wale was in the company a few friends and some fans who wanted to be around him in our hotel room. We were like 15 people and there were drinks and everything and everyone was partying.

Then a guy hinted that one of the guys who came to our hotel room didn’t want to see Shatta Wale because Samini was his friend and he had heard some very bad things about Shatta Wale. The guy’s intention was to come to the hotel room and harass us, but after getting close to Wale they realized that he wasn’t the person Samini described to him [the unnamed guy sent to harass Shatta Wale],” Bull told the paper.
There was nothing like fighting or shoving because the guy in question confessed after he realized Shatta Wale was nothing compared to what he had heard from Samini, according to him.

“There wasn’t even a fight. After a few drinks, the people themselves started talking. If they hadn’t spoken, we wouldn’t have known. The danger in there was that if we were not careful someone could have poisoned the drinks or something,” he added.

The two Dancehall artistes have been bitter rivals in recent times with each recording caustic and dissing’ songs against each other.

Shatta Wale was in Canada for a series of performances to extend his popularity and showmanship to others outside Ghana.

People from all walks of life reportedly patronized the gig.

Presently, Shatta Wale is one of the Ghanaian entertainers who are promoting Dancehall music across the globe.


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