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Sarkodie ‘Adonai remix video officially released; Castro plays dancer


Sarkodie ‘Adonai remix video officially released; Castro plays dancer

imagesFew years ago when Sarkodie’s success was in doubt and linked to Illuminati, he eventually stepped into the studio to defend himself with the song titled ‘Illuminati’ in 2013.

‘…Mey3 mason koraa aka meny3 free, I swear walaahi; mey3 illuminati anka mentu nkotina Hawaii,

Nyankopon ni makoky3m, me mefr3 no daddy; nti daa me praisi Yesu still aa mose mey3 illuminati…’ An excerpt of the song, ‘Illuminati’ proven that his success is a blessing from God.

Sarkodie’s praises to God for His blessings and success did not end with just ‘Illuminati’ as he further led a proclamation with Castro for the goodness and awesome doings of the Lord in his life with a Gospel-cum-offertory advocacy, ‘Adonai’ in January 2014. The official video to ‘Adonai’ has been released.

The song which talks about giving (offertory), was perfectly depicted in its visuals, but it’s quite unfortunate that it only saw Sarkodie with a big envelope believed to contain money and giving the alms to people including a ‘beggar’ and a mother and her children.

The video also shows Sarkodie helping two kids, a boy and a girl cross the street with the envelope and finally, in front of a Cathedral; he hands over the entire envelope to a Catechist but quite bizarre, Castro who was featured on the song was only seen dancing and raising hands in a quest of praising God throughout the video.

I think the church scene could have depicted the people in the Cathedral queued to place their offertory as the song focuses on giving, ‘obiantu ne collection, obiantu ne collection God eh’.

But in all, the locations, lights, props, scenes, sets, sound elements including the directing of the video and the entire production were perfect not forgetting the wardrobe used by the artistes and featured casts.

‘Adonai’ video was directed by Nana Kofi Asihene, who was assisted by Director OJ.

NKACC and Uprooted Media are the production companies for the video.

Watch Video below



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