Sarkodie releases ‘The Come Up’

Sarkodie releases ‘The Come Up’

Ghanaian rap god, Sarkodie has recently dropped his brand new single titled ‘The Come Up’ and it clearly shows why he is considered as one of the best rappers in Africa. He has made the single an ultimate masterpiece already by using some million dollars rap skills.

‘The Come Up’ talks about the music career of the rapper in a very musical, thrilling way. It highlights that how did the rapper start his music career and where is he standing now. The ‘Highest’ hitmaker also gives some serious advice to the budding artists in the single.

If you haven’t got your hands on ‘The Come Up’ yet, then you are missing out a lot. The single is attached right below because we love you. Have fun listening to it.

Stay tuned for more music highlights.

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