Shattawale Rehearses With Live Band

imagesShattawale the Self acclaimed Ghana Dancehall king is getting ready to blow the minds of his critics. The dancehall king has been criticized on several occasions about his inability to perform with live band. Ever since his inception in the industry he always performs miming. His counterparts and other competitors use this inability to perform live against him. According to music pundits every good musician must be able to perform live and not mime always.
Shattawale is producer and knows much about sounds and has started learning to perform liv towards a show he is billed on in London, he has started training very hard and has not been seen such since the years started. He has released the video about this progress an soon will come out to perform. Critics, fans, well-wishers, competitors and other stake holders in the industry are waiting to the outcome of this change.
Well watch the video on Youtube as he rehearse one of his hit singles, “Everybody Like My Tin” to judge for yourself. Is this sending a signal for another serious competition to his main rival, Samini, who is known to be a show stopper and undisputed king of live band performances in Ghana? Whether he will be better or equally good to his competitor only time will tell.

By: Monica Otumfuor

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