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Sing, rap in the language you’re comfortable with – Lydia Forson


Sing, rap in the language you’re comfortable with – Lydia Forson

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Have you ever thought of the reasons why our music finds it an uphill struggle to make it to the global market? Pretty sure, there are a number of these reasons running through your mind.

One of the heated debates ongoing currently on social media is language as the barrier in music.

The discussion monitored by GhanaWeb, was started by Youtuber Malik Ofori on Twitter, February 4, 2020. He argued that Ghanaian musicians are lagging behind on the international market because they fail to sing in English.

Comparing Ghana to neighbouring country Nigeria, he added that Nigerian musicians have crossed over due to the fact that they sing in English more than their local dialect.

“For Ghana music to take over African music again, Ghanaian artiste need to sing or rap more in English than in Twi, Nigerian’s are dominating cos others can relate and understand them better,” he said.

Not so convinced about the call for Ghanaian musicians to use the English language, Miss thinks otherwise.

She insists that Ghanaian musicians should sing or rap in the language they are comfortable with.

“Dear Ghanaian Musicians, Please sing/rap in the language you’re comfortable in. I listen to Swahili music without knowing the words but it makes me feel good; Angelique Kidjo has won 4 Grammys singing in her language. I’m sorry but this tweet makes me uncomfortable.”

Some months ago, award-winning rapper Sarkodie also advocated for his colleague musicians to be proud and sing in their native language.

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