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Slim Flex Promises A New Era Of High Life Music


Slim Flex Promises A New Era Of High Life Music

Ghanaian born based artiste Akwesi Appiah musically known as Slim Flex has promised a new era of Ghanaian Highlife music, that will meet the taste preference of the youth and old as well.

Slim Flex who is signed under Hype Records, will be releasing “Abronoma” featuring K.K.Ofosu as his first out of four singles to outdoor the new breeze of High Life music.

‘It has been a successful journey so far in Ghana, I have spent a lot of time recording and shooting videos of most songs and currently I am ready with the first one called ‘Abronoma' ft K K Fosu. Abronoma is a typical highlife song for the youth and is the main reason why I choose to shoot the .

The song talks about love, hitting mainly on issues, Flex said: ‘I have no issues in my relationship or love life but as an artiste you need to feel for your fans, so I did the song for the fans'. He added that, the song features ace highlife musician K K Fosu who has the rhythm of the old tunes and hence bleeding it with me, was phenomenal. Abronoma video is being shot by Phamous Films, one of Ghana's finest video directors and it has valuable scenes for viewing.

the end of the video slim Flex lamented that: ‘Abronoma video is going to be an award contending video and the for next year, the director Gyo is spending every little effort to make it so. Fans of Slim Flex should expect the video mid May 2011and trust it will pass your test.

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