Tattoos Are Marks Of The Beast- Empress Njamah

imagesJust like the saying that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, some of our Nigerian celebrities have tampered with their bodies by drawing tattoos of different forms and shapes, as it seems to be the fashion trend, however, the likes of Ego Obaro and Empress Njamah see tattoos as devilish inscriptions.

When Empress was asked recently why she doesn’t have tattoos like her female colleagues, she said it’s a mark of the beast.

“Lots of people can swear that I have tattoos on my body because I was known for colourful hair and nails so lots of people thought I had tattoos as well; I can’t give myself the mark of The Beast.

I don’t want to say what a lot of people will misconstrue but I don’t have to draw anything on my body to prove a point; for me, tattoos are a no no.
The controversial actress whose romance with sensational Nigerian musician, Timaya, met with brick walls, also said only two persons in Nigeria fix her nails but most times she does it abroad.

“They are not the everyday run-off-the-mill nails you see; it is not the regular thing that people do. People say it’s my logo but it’s not. They are my own creations. There are just two people who can do my nails in Nigeria. Most times I do them overseas and so far I have carried it well.”


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