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The Actress Who Is Still An Item With Her Married Ex.


The Actress Who Is Still An Item With Her Married Ex.

I agree that ℓ♥√ع is blind but when some apply stupidity to the word,otherwise I don’t know what else to say.

This pretty actress was an item with her celebrity even though their relationship was an open secret,it was with that concerned of the actress watched the boyfriend dumped the actress and wed another lady.

Both appear to have moved on,successful in their various profession.

Olofofos recently squealed that despite the celebrity boyfriend being married with his wife and child in tow,the ex lovebirds are still an item and the actress has vowed that if she does not find a man to wed this year,she will make loverboy babydaddy.

The loverboy is slim and dark skinned and the four letters of his 8-letter name can be found in the bible. It stars with the 11th alaphabeth.

The actress loves to wear dark sunshade even when driving sunset. Her name contains five letters in the alphabeth and it starts and ends wit the fifth alphabeth.

This actress should ponder over this” were not good enough for him when he was single,he married someone else and you still dey give am yam chop?please don’t settle for less!”

Please note that whatever names you arrive at,you are on your own oh”

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