The Greatest Feeling Ever Is Relaxing Your Head On A Big Butt After Work– Okyeame Kwame

The Greatest Feeling Ever Is Relaxing Your Head On A Big Butt After Work– Okyeame Kwame

Apparently, women with big butts are the ‘hottest cakes’ in the market now.

Many a time, we hear of African men professing their love for women who are endowed.

Naturally, it is believed that African men love women with big butts, and b$obs, though there are few exceptions.

As such, women with little behinds are doing everything possible to join the trend. The wearing of padded pants to undergoing of liposuction to enlarge their backsides are some of these efforts.

One musician who is well known for his love for women with big backsides is the ‘Rap Doctor’, Okyeame Kwame.

No wonder he got for himself a very well endowed woman for a wife. She of course is aware of her husband’s love for big butts, which they both love to talk about.

To Okyeame Kwame, the likes of Moesha Budoung, Princess Shyngle and all those women with big butts make the best pillow. For this reason, he personally prefers women with huge butts to women with flat buttocks.

The ace rapper, took his turn on the popular TV show, The ‘Delay Show’ over the weekend.

In the course of the show, he revealed that it’s a good feeling to relax on a woman’s big butt and ponder over pressing matters.

He also disclosed that most of the Ghanaian male celebrities are obsessed with women with big behinds. Adding that women with such shape is a great sight to behold.

OK also stated that as a typical African man, he prefers to stare and admire women with “big rounded butts” to flat butts women.

“You know our ancestors built in round shapes. Adowa is even danced in a rounded way and it is said that in Africa beauty is measured in roundedness,” he said.


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