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Top 10 Music Collaborations of 2011


Top 10 Music Collaborations of 2011

The year 2011 in the flourish of the ‘Azonto Craze'

witnessed so many collaborations among many of which became instant hits.

Yours truly, MAWULI POMARY as usual brings to you the Top 10 music collaborations of 2011.I can sure bet that the following will get nominations in the ‘Best Collaboration of the Year' category at the upcoming Music Awards.

This is however in no particular order.
‘U go Kill me'-Sarkodie ft. E.L
This song by the Rapperholic
defined Azonto and got everyone including Chipmunk dancing and saying ‘money no be problem'. It as well made E.L a household name his beats and ‘azonto'

‘Ajieee'- R2Bees ft. Sarkodie & Borro
The Tema Based singers
really hit it hard on this one. Big ups to Kill Beatz for the Beat. Though I personally didn't get the import of the song I enjoyed it because it was done by R2bess and it had Sarkodie on it.

‘Yenko Nkoaa'-Eduwodzi ft. Stay J
It is atypical to have new entrants churning out hits of this nature, but that is exactly what these two dudes did with this song which actually won them so many shows last year.'I no know what I go talk oo'…Lol!

‘Am in Love With You'- Efya ft. Sarkodie I didn't expect anything less from Ghana's Best and Fastest Rapper and arguably the best Female Vocalist around. A silky voice on a mild beat with lyrics from the premier rap addict? OMG,I'm in Love with this song now.

‘Faithful'- ft. Bertha
I respect this song for the fact that the Rap Doctor Left his comfort zone and tried singing. It wasn't bad afterall.A high tempo flow on a slow rhythm. It couldn't have been complete without Bertha. Kudos Bertha! And hey, I know the Unfaithful ones are!

‘Sweetio' – Raquel ft. Sarkodie
It looks like the 2011 discoveries really made it big and smiled to the bank all along. Raquel's ‘Sweetio' won here so many shows in December…Lol! And why is Sarkodie appearing on all the hits?..Artiste of the Year?…..Just asking!

‘Do the Dance'- Castro ft. BabyJet
I contemplated the authenticity of this song on such a list.

But upon second thought I realised it got GH dancing for some time. Castro is great so please let's agree that his talent is Divine.

‘The Legacy'- Edem ft. Tinny
I wonder how Edem does it. Always breaking language barriers and penetrating every Top 10 list with his songs. Tinny as usual was on point.

Hey! Lest I forget…It's a ‘Last 2' Jam.
‘Popping' – Kwaw Kese ft. Dadie Opanka
I still find it difficult to get the message in the song.

Maybe it's just for the popping of Champagnes…Lol!.Nice beat there by Red Eye of 2TOFF fame. Master Rhymer, Dadie Opanka was also very impressive on this piece.Insanity Reloaded!

‘Azonto'-Fuse ODG ft. Tiffany
It isn't at all the least. Clever one there from one of our own, Fuse ODG. This song came when GH needed it. Tiffany was remarkable with her ‘toy' voice. Did you hear how she mentioned ‘Azonto'?

I am sure a lot of Showbiz pundits will agree with me on this one. Democracy!!!!!!

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