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VIDEO: Adina Opens Up On Her Relationship With Kidi


VIDEO: Adina Opens Up On Her Relationship With Kidi

VIDEO: Adina Opens Up On Her Relationship With Kidi

“One Man” hitmakers, Adina and Kidi were believed by many to be dating, but according to Adina, there is nothing of that sort.

She however agreed there is a good working relationship between the two, but not what people say in the public.  Speaking in a radio interview, the talented singer said:

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because just like I said most of my songs were recorded in the studio of Lynx Entertainment and I worked with him on most of my songs.

“So I have a real working relationship with KiDi and when it happened that I wanted to feature someone on my album, he was the best person that came to mind”, she added.

“More so, I had already done a song with Kuami Eugene which is Killing me softly and that has gone very far so the next person to come to mind was KiDi so he was the best to pick.

“We have a very good rapport and we have a great synergy when it comes to creating music”, she concluded on the show


Watch the video below:

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