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Wanlov-“If I bore I fit Sue TV3 seff”


Wanlov-“If I bore I fit Sue TV3 seff”

Wanlov has issued a statement to Ghana that he hasn’t fled the country because of unveiling his manhood on ‘The Delay’ show last week Saturday.

Wanlov laughed and answered that, “I shock for people. I have booked some shows months ago and it doesn’t tickle me about what they say and I get work to do den kiddies feed”.

Wanlov further went on to list the shows he’s done so far-16th of March is Cologne, 17th March is Berlin – Germany, and up ones on 23rd March  Copenhagen – Denmark, 24th Stockholm – Sweden and 6th April Munich – Germany.

Wanlov and M3NSA make up the group FOKN Bois, who are currently on  tour. They will also be in UK for interviews and a collaboration with Afro-German star,Nneka.

Wanlov still stands by what he said that he has no regrets and feels free. “Dey no go fit look 4 me. I exposed myself in private and TV3 made it public. If I bore I fit sue TV3 seff”, he said in the pidgin language.


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