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Women Take My Money But They Don’t Allow Me To Chóp Them – Don Little Sadly Reveals


Women Take My Money But They Don’t Allow Me To Chóp Them – Don Little Sadly Reveals

It is rightly said that no single human is perfect with all the needed features, attributes or stuff! Whilst some humans are gifted with brains and beauty, they may be as broke as a church mouse whilst those with loaded pockets might be dumb and lonely. This list can go on and on till the next crucifixion of the Messiah.

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Kumawood actor, comedian and humorist, has revealed that even though he is famous and a bit rich, he struggles to keep long term relationships because of his height. The vertically challenged actor was responding to a question from Kofi Adoma Nwanwani of Angel 102.9 FM as to whether he has a girlfriend or otherwise.

Reacting to the question, Don Little revealed how women chase him for money but disappear anytime he wants to have a bedroom time with them. He added that, he takes very good care of all his girlfriends but they never allow him to “ejaculate” because he is diminutive!

In his words, Don Little divulged;

“Hmm…daddy Kofi Adoma, I don’t have a girlfriend now oo but I was having some a few months ago. I stopped dating because they will just be taking my money and spending it but when I want to feel them in the bedroom…you know what I mean, then they will all run away. Some say they see me as a small boy or a child but they chop my money”.

What do you make of this?

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