Yvonne Nelson did not grab my … – John Dumelo

imagesGhanaian actor, John Dumelo has denied reports that actress Yvonne Nelson grabbed his private part in photo that went viral on the internet earlier this week.

The photo – which had John dressed in a Superman costume and a female personality alleged to be actress Yvonne Nelson also wearing a costume, holding the private part of the actor.

But reacting to the photo in an interview with Let’s Talk Entertainment on Joy News TV, John said the lady in the photo was not Yvonne Nelson.

“No it was not Yvonne Nelson,” he said and added that, the lady in question “is also an actress.”

The lady, he noted, “played my wife in the movie.” After several pressures, John Dumelo disclosed that the actress in question is Berla Mundi (born Berla Addardey).

The award winning actor was quick to state that Berla didn’t grab his manhood explaining that, “if you look at the picture properly, her hand was just over there. It’s all part of the story (film).”

“If you watch the film, you will realise why that picture came about,” he said.

John says he is currently dating but will not put the name of the lady in the public domain.

“What I’ve realised is sometimes it’s good to keep your private life out of stuff just to maintain a sane life. The truth of the matter is I am dating,” he said.



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