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Yvonne Nelson In Shock!!!


Yvonne Nelson In Shock!!!

Star actress Yvonne Nelson shock over media reports that she is selling fake and imitated brands Louis Vuitton (LV) and Gucci bags in her Dansoman-based YV Closet fashion shop.

The actress said she initially took the publications as a joke and decided to ignore it but changed her mind when reputable television stations also started spreading the report without contacting her for her side of the .

“I believe the persons behind these stories have other motives and the way they keep repeating it makes me suspect they want to give my fashion shop a bad reputation just to collapse my business for reasons best known to them. “I'm shocked because I don't even sell Louis Vuitton (LV) or Gucci. Any person who has been to my shop can attest to this. I don't even have more than 5 bags in my shop. All my bags are Aldo and they are sold out, Yvonne noted.
She explained further: “Ask other persons who sell designer stuff and they would tell you that most people will not like to buy $3000 LV bags if brought them here or $5000 Chanel bag. So when I buy such stuff outside, I use them myself and I don't come out making noise about my bags like some websites seem to suggest. “I only tweeted a picture of my personal bags. People can come and check them out and also check LV website and let see the difference.”

Yvonne said though it is not uncommon for the media to speculate stories about celebrities, the speculation must have a base or some truth.

She challenged anyone who doubts the quality of her goods to pass through her shop. Yvonne maintained that he shop was in top form and clients could always pass through for their collection. She is yet to make a media launch of the YN closet but it made news than she expected.

Currently, the shop, which is less than a year old, is rated one of Africa's most talked about celebrity shops. It is located at Dansoman Sahara (Manorvia), a suburb of .

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