The padded hip craze


Ladies in their quest to look delightful would employ all kinds of tricks to be noticed and admired. The craze it appears has now shifted to padded hips.

In some cultures, having a curvy plump bottom is especially valued but some women have a slender and light bone structure, which often translates into less pronounced butt. For the fortunate ones however having a well-rounded butt is a symbol of youth and fertility.

Interestingly women who wear padded hips often in the shape of under pants mislead interested men who were led to assume such ladies of interest had natural endowments.

Wearing of hip pads started as a phenomenon abroad but apparently some women in Ghana now own either a bum or a hip pad which they quickly slip on before stepping out for a date.

Another product gaining acceptance is ‘Body Magic’ a product it’s claimed smoothens out body fat and folds to make the body frame look svelte and sexy. Other body enhancers include Gel/Padded Bras, Bum Pads, Corsets and Body Shapers.

The hip pads come in various shapes and sizes and are patronised by brides who want to look stunning for the groom and photos, celebrities who seek to keep up appearances, dancers and women who have lost some curves and anyone who needs a little boost in ‘fallen areas’.

It cannot be ruled out that the desire to wear and use these body enhancers is inflamed by the desire to land successful guys whiles looking stunning and sexy.

The unanswered question is, are there side effects which are being neglected? Could ladies misleading suitors who get attracted with what they see only to get a different package be punishable by fines and imprisonment terms?

Should a suitor discover that his wife’s hipped breasts and endowed behind are false use that as grounds for divorce?

Source: ghana web