South African multinational mobile telecommunication company, MTN group limited is currently facing some challenges with their mobile money – MOMO – customers in Ghana due to the trending Xenophobic act in some parts of South Africa.

The criminal activities meted by South Africans, which has beautifully been named as Xenophobia; where black nationals believe their poverty is caused by black foreign nationals in the country, have lawlessly been killing, lynching, raping and forcing these foreigners out of their country. The first batch of deportees from South Africa have arrived in Nigeria.

Note: Xenophobia is suppose to mean fighting out foreigners over jobs


The main opposition party leader Julius Malema of EFF who showed disgust stated, “… bring all the buses lets put all these Nigerians and Zimbabweans in bus lets send send them back and lets see if you will get employment tomorrow?”

The effect of the so called Xenophobia created rumors that MTN momo may shut down,  caused some customers to move their funds from their mobile account. The financial implication caused MTN to release an immediate press to defuse the rumor which they are currently recovering from.


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