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A Man’s Ego; Don’t get it wrong

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A Man’s Ego; Don’t get it wrong

Men’s ego can be defined as the self or the eye. It is the reflection of the individual self and also the cultural definition of masculinity. It is a part of them that gives them identity or solidity.
For a man, his ego enables him to do what men do well, like…

I Can’t Marry A Poor Man Because I Drive A Range Rover And Live In 5 Bedroom House In East Legon

….Moesha Budoung

• Overcome challenges, hurdles and domination
• The ability to love and protect his woman and family.
• To work very hard for approval and acceptance.
However a man’s ego can be extremely fragile and can destroy him. This is because his ego is structure around him which he builds his feelings of competence and purpose. So if you want to help your man flourish in the relationship.
• Show appreciation, make him feel like he is the no1.
• Let your compliments come from your heart
• Keep him stimulated all the time

In short, set your relationship up for a long term success, don’t let the everyday stress of life make you lazy when it comes to making your partner feel like he is appreciated.

)barima ne de3 )ako ako nanim 3ny3 de3 a )ako 3dwanne. A man is he who fights to the end not he who fights and runs away.

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