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Understanding My Background Defines A Healthy Relationship

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Understanding My Background Defines A Healthy Relationship

The ability to learn and know your partner’s background and culture can be one of the basic steps for a healthy relationship.
People are different in many ways their past experiences, past stories have shaped their personality, character and beliefs.
I think to love a person means, having the courage to embrace the totality of who they are and their background. So to enjoy a healthy relationship, please pay attention to these steps.

1. Make a conscious decision to stay and learn
2. Examine your biases about your partner
3. Ask your partner questions about their culture, custom and views
4. Listen to them tell their stories
5. Notice differences, communication style and values; don’t assume that the majority way is the best way
Finally learn to be an ally and be considerate all the time.

Do you have love Language in your relationship? 

Dua kontonkyikuronkyi na 3ma y3hunu odwomfo). In other words, you may begin fron a difficult place, you may have to overcome setbacks and disadvantages in your relationship, but don’t give up on your partner and become a hero or a heroine.

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