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Do you have love Language in your relationship?

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Do you have love Language in your relationship?

One of the most common issues we encounter in relationships today is the struggle we go through when we want to express love in a meaningful way to our partner.

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No matter how much we are in love, we sometimes find it difficult to speak from the heart.
If you are struggling in this way, then let’s learn together few love language that can help you demonstrate your love.

According to Gary Chapman there are 5 love languages

  1. Always give words of affirmation, compliments and encouragement.
  2. Support your partner with act of service
  3. Show your love through thoughtful gifts.
  4. Get closer by sharing quality time
  5. Show affection through physical touch
    So guys if we are determined to build healthy relationships, then we have to work at it.

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Tell your partner what makes you feel loved and show your partner love, this is how we can use love language to improve the quality of a relationship.
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