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Are you dating someone with Mental Illness?

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Are you dating someone with Mental Illness?

Being with someone with mental illness can be especially difficult to navigate in the relationship, when trust is still being built. And you may not be familiar with their condition, if you are in this condition then these steps may be of great help.

My Mental Health Was Tested This Year Like No Other … Juliet Ibrahim

1. Educate yourself on your partners mental health disorder
2. Please don’t use hurtful labels on your partner
3. Always be supportive , you need to understand that there will always be ups and downs
4. Learn their symptoms and help them take their medications when symptoms become worse
5. Don’t try to fix them, your responsibility is to support
6. Be patient and understanding, if possible research for possible treatment options
7. Finally in all these, never ignore your own needs, practice self-care, establish your wants and needs with your partner.

When you are able to both get the support and love you need, the relationship will be a lot stronger.
Menua s3 obi b3 nya wo’a na 3y3 yare3 nti y3n mmoa nnipa 3mmer3’a )te ase.

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