A chat show on ghanashowbiz.com “facebook”|Host Doris Asabea

Doris Asabea - Host "AsabeaChat"

Doris Asabea – Host “AsabeaChat”

Many have wondered how one could survive the pressures of today’s economic hardship in Ghana and possibly other parts of the world. The after effect is a lot of challenges some of which is financial and love life. Some believe money is not everything, yet if you are in-love with a partner, the possibility of a party looking out in various ways is inevitable.

My mission in this instance is to proactively engage you in assisting with your wonderful intellect to pretty much achieve some level of agreement on how to manage the challenges that befalls us.

It is with great honour to serve your candid ”following” on facebook and I hope and believe you will assist heavily to this cause. All of you are great, handsome, beautiful and most especially your comment always makes me fell special. A more reason why I took up to this challenge with ghanashowbiz.com.

You may have already noticed the name “AsabeaChat” which will eventually become a page going forward. Your efforts and support to this cause is very much appreciated in advance.

By Doris Asabea