Bullog calls Kontihene a loser and a joke

Kontihene and Bulldog

Kontihene and Bulldog

Recent events between Kontihene and Bullog are getting heated up, Kontihene have been throwing a lot of shots as Bullog. It would have felt like Azuma and Gomez where our very own knocked Gomez down with several jabs. However, in this instance the jabs from Kontihene seem not to bare any fruit, since Bulldog has made up his mind to ignore the hiplife artist, who is being described on social media as wounded star.

In an interview with Bulldog by Vibesin5.com, he assumed that Kontihene is a loser and a joke. ghanashowbiz on the other hand is unsure about Bulldogs credibility, considering the circumstances surrounding Shatta Wale and himself. Is it possible he may be doing something wrong to the artist he works with?

Below is his response to Vibsin5:

“My presence in the industry will always remind Kontihene of his dead career”. Bulldog said.

By Antwi Odrey